Transactions in progress:

Once the transaction is in progress, you will be redirected to the transaction summary page. You can no longer withdraw from the transaction, and you must honor your commitment to purchase the product(s) requested in the transaction and deliver it (them) on the day and at the time specified by yourself. You will receive an exchange code for this transaction (the yellow dial). This code must be entered by the ad recipient at the time of delivery to confirm and validate that the delivery has been carried out correctly. At this stage, the advert you have accepted (transaction) and all other accepted adverts (transactions) are visible in the section « My Account – In progress – As delivery person ».

You must respect the delivery date and time specified by the application (specified by you). You can request a change to the delivery date and time by sending a request to the recipient using the «Change Delivery Date» button. The recipient must accept the request in order to make the actual change, but if he refuses or does not respond, you will have to comply with the day and time preceding the request.