Enter commission and delivery date:

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Global commission: this will include the purchase and delivery service of the product(s) previously entered, as well as the application’s user fees. The deliverer’s commission is calculated directly from this global commission and is displayed automatically. The minimum overall commission is €1.

Delivery address: the place where you wish to receive what you have requested from the delivery person.

Gender of delivery person: the gender of the delivery person who will be able to see your ad between «Male»«Female» or «Both».

Ad acceptance deadline: your ad will be visible and published from the moment you finalize your ad until this acceptance deadline. If no delivery driver accepts this ad during this period, the ad is removed from publication and will no longer be visible. An «Expired» message is displayed next to your ad in the « My Account – Published » section. The acceptance deadline must not exceed one year from the day the ad was placed.

Delivery deadline: If the deliverer accepts your ad and exceeds the delivery deadline specified by you, you will receive a form that you must complete and validate. You will be compensated by half of the total commission you have specified, after the administrator has checked that the deliverer is at fault. The delivery deadline must not exceed one year from the day the ad is placed.

Please note that the acceptance and delivery deadlines are related to the delivery city indicated.

In detail: